Video poker in the top 10 Canadian online casino

Video poker is a game that requires great skills and attracts players who know how to use carefully designed strategies and techniques to win poker. A small win always gives an opportunity to get a bigger one. If you know how to play well, you’ll have an advantage in poker. The following information about the game will be useful to you.

Basics of the game

Video poker in top 10 Canadian online casinos is considered an intellectual game that requires special skills, so it is quite complicated. However, the rules of the game are very simple. As in other games, everything starts with a minimum bet, which is made before dealing the cards.

The gambler bets from 1 to 5 coins and then gets 5 cards. As in regular poker, gamblers decide, which cards to keep and which ones to put down. The cards that were put down are changed with other cards from the same deck, while the hand determines the payouts.

The payouts are calculated depending on the rarity of the card combination. The minimum is one pair of cards with the same J (jacks) letters. Of the payouts, the income of the top casino is also accrued, which helps operators have some profit from poker.

An additional element is progressive games in video poker, which offer progressive jackpots for such combinations as royal-flash and other very rare combinations.

Rules for playing video poker

The rules of the game are quite simple, and they are formulated above. Here are some rules, knowing which, you will feel more comfortable during the game.

  • A hand – 5 cards that are simultaneously in your hand before or after the deal.
  • Full hand/ready-made combination – if one of the cards in hand is a strong combination such as Straight, Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House or Straight Flush.
  • Two – the main concept in video poker, meaning cards with a face value of 2, located in the deck.
  • Exchange – the replacement of cards issued by the distributing hand.
  • Double – the function provided in some top online casinos in video poker, which allows you to double the bet on a winning combination.
  • Full payout – if you see a video poker game offering full payout, then their payout schedule is the best. For example, where payouts are made in the case of 9/6 J (jacks) and higher, which is better than at 8/6. This brings the possibility of payback closer to 100% or even more.
  • Multiplayer – games, in which up to 10 hands can be simultaneously played.

Things to keep in mind

In the video poker game, cards are dealt from the deck in random order, and top Canadian casinos carefully monitor that this is done so. This creates a fair game environment that provides players with equal opportunities to find a strategy that will give them an advantage.

Of course, there are no magic patterns, otherwise, everyone would play poker and win. Players must learn the games and payout strategy. To play, relying only on common sense and the arbitrary course of the game, can be entertaining and even sometimes profitable, but this method will not be effective for long-term prospects of winning. The section of the game guide on the canadian casino sites and suggested advice on the strategy can be a good starting point.

Variations of the game in video poker

On the internet, new variations of playing online video poker are constantly appearing. The assortment affects the choice of player as they’re always in search of games with the best payouts. But the options differ among themselves not only by the table of payments.

Video poker also uses wild cards, additional decks, several bonus combinations, and other features.

Even the basic 5-card poker with an exchange has variants in its category. Wild deuces are one of such variants, where the deuce is a wild card, a joker, that is, it can be exchanged with any other card the gambler wants. You can win the jackpot with Four of a Kind or a classic Royal Flush. To see four cards of the same value is more difficult, playing games where wields are not provided, while Royal Flush is in principle a very rare combination in this game.

According to online casino reviews, other possible options include:

  • Jacks (J) and above – the most common variant, in which payouts start with a couple of Jacks. A game with an ideal strategy can provide for a profit opportunity of 99.54%.
  • Tens and above – similar to the previous version, respectively, payouts begin with a couple of dozens.
  • Bonus poker – the same as Jack and above, only the size of bonus payouts is more if Four of a Kind is generated. These bonuses vary, which depends on the particular version and seniority of the cards in the penalty box.
  • Double bonus – a variation similar to Jack and above, but the bonus is paid for four aces.
  • Double bonus in double size – this variation offers more options for bonuses for combinations of Jacks and above or based on a double bonus for a certain variation of the game in video poker.

Useful information about playing video poker

Here is some information to know about video poker when playing in top Canadian online casinos:

  • The SIRCOMA company, which became International Game Technology, was named after the first vending machine for video poker.
  • Most of all, gamers like the online game for the fact that there is only them and the computer – so it’s more convenient and fun to play
  • Video poker reduces the boundaries of the game in the casino and can return the advantage of the players.
  • Video poker in casinos is characterized by a lot of ups and downs, the return is good, but looking at the report on checking interest payouts conducted by eCOGRA auditors and other professionals, you can see the high gains from video poker games in the late 1990s.
  • If you’re new to the video poker game, Canadian casino review first recommend familiarizing yourself with the regular combinations of cards in poker, if you have not already done so, and also with a paytable for every of the video poker games you are going to play.
  • In order to know the order of payment well, you need to know the developer of software for the casino, as well as track changes in the payout made. Often in the same games in video poker, the order of payouts differs from casino to casino.
  • In accordance with the casino review, all slots on video poker have from 1 to 5 coins, while there are games where you can use more than 100 hands simultaneously. Once you decide on the coin bet, you need to choose the number of hands and coins that you will be playing with, and then click on the Deal Cards button.
  • Choose what cards you’d like to keep by pressing on them.
  • As a rule, it’s better not to risk winning in the bonus round but withdraw it.
  • The casino review recommends betting the maximum number of coins because almost always it awards bonuses.

History of video poker

With the advent of slot machines in the casino and the availability of PCs, video poker also appeared in the 1970s. Even though it is a relatively young game, compared to Craps and Roulette, its popularity is impressive today.

Card poker with exchange was launched in 1979 by SIRCOMA and assisted video poker enhance its share among casino games. In the 1980s, the game became more accessible (people began to feel more comfortable about electronic devices). In the 1990s, video poker has already become very popular, mainly because of the low-value machines available in top casinos in Canada. Steadily maintaining its position today, video poker is now widely popular with millions of online gambling players.

Curious facts about playing video poker

Here are some facts about video poker:

  • SIRCOMA – this was the name of the card-exchange poker vendor in 1979, the first very popular video poker game.
  • Casinos in Las Vegas offered a minimum par value for games in video poker, so they were very popular among Nevada residents, which helped significantly improve the popularity of the game.
  • Low denominations with the possibility of a big win attracted a large number of experienced players, amateur players, and those who prefer to play with the computer without distracting.
  • Video poker is one of the most popular games among both ground-based and online top casino sites.
  • There are several variants of the game in video poker, and most of them can be found in the top Canadian online casino. Online casinos, as a rule, have a regular set of games, and based on the software and casino, the program includes such programs as jack and above, video poker with aces, aces and eight, video poker with a double joker, poker with an ordinary joker and bonus poker.

In order to win in video poker, you need to find the game top casino sites with the highest payout rates.

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